Top Bedtime Stories You Must Read to Your Children

You can cherish a happy hour with your little ones bringing books that talk of faraway worlds and long ago happenings that bring delight and wonder to your young one’s face. Take a look at some of the most popular bedtime stories that are perfect for your little ones.

1. The Delightful Tale of Birbal’s Wisdom

One of the most loved tales of Akbar and Birbal, this is a narrative that talks about a time when the emperor happened to lose his prized ring. The saga goes on to explain the clever way in which Birbal locates the ring and apprehends the culprit. This short narrative can be of great interest to kids aged between three and five years of age. They can even be encouraged to read aloud with you, allowing them to learn reading even before they do so at school!

2. The Blue Jackal by Panchatantra

The blue jackal is a narrative that talks of an ordinary jackal named Chandarva who is crowned king of the jungle after he falls into a pot of blue dye. The fable goes on to narrate the manner, in which his character turns vain and proud eventually coming to a downfall in front of his family and subjects. Along with being appealing and allowing children to imagine a beautiful jungle full of talking animals, the fable comes with a moral.

You can make it an amusing experience for your kid by using various voices for different characters.

3. The Wicked Barber’s Plight – Akbar and Birbal

Another of the popular tales of Akbar Birbal is the Wicked Barber’s Plight that has an episode from Akbar’s royal court in store for readers. The fable talks about a notorious plot hatched by thugs who wished to rid the emperor of his favorite minister- Birbal. The narrative explains the plot and highlights the wise manner in which the clever minister outwitted the goons. It is a great way to explain difficult concepts to your ward like the fact that there exists evil in the world.

You can help your offspring understand with this legend that no matter the evil in people’s thoughts and actions, justice always prevails for those true of heart.

Being read bedtime stories is something that stays with kids even as they grow older. They treasure the quality time parents spent with them at the end of each day making them feel loved. The fables also succeed in bringing sound morals and good values to your children who long to learn to read with you.

Source by Bijayani Swain

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