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In Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, the goblin who wields magic under the Greenskins Army (categorized under the Armies of Destruction) is called the Shaman. They are not as fierce looking as the Orcs because goblins are considerably smaller. The Shaman wears tattered clothes and carries a staff. Among the many skills of this goblin magician are augmentation and healing powers. They can also call on to the gods of the Greenskins. A number of gamers have constructed a Warhammer Shaman Guide to help out newbies and other players in trying to both play as and fight against the Shaman.

The Shaman can have as much as five points per casting of the Mork’s Waaagh! When the shaman uses its healing power, it also uses up the Mork’s Waaagh in order to add effect to the spell cast to heal. The number of points used up determines how fast the healing takes effect. For example, five points consumed from the built-up Waaagh would make for a quicker healing compared to the use of just one point.

Under the Warhammer Shaman Guide, the strengths and weaknesses of the Shaman are listed. The Shaman is a devotee to Gork, one of the Greenskins deities. Each enemy killed through shaman magic is a form of respect and exaltation to Gork. When the Shaman uses his magic for healing purposes, this act is considered homage to the other god, Mork. Because of his abilities in both combat and healing, the shaman is considered a highly versatile career option in Warhammer. He is also highly skilled in ranged DPS attacks. The weaknesses of a Shaman include low health points and weak defenses. The shaman wears light robes and they use staff as a weapon. Unlike the orcs, shamans are intellectual goblins and they have willpower.

According to the Warhammer Shaman Guide, there are three Mastery Paths for the Shaman: the Path of Mork, the Path of Gork, and the Path of Da Green. As mentioned earlier, the Shaman honors two of the Greenskin gods: Mork and Gork. In the mastery path of Gork, the shaman focuses on his healing powers. Each time he casts healing spells, it contributes in building up the power of the Mork’s Waaagh! The higher the build up of the Waagh!, the better the Shaman becomes. His healing ability is increased. On the other hand, the Path of the Mork focuses on the Shaman’s combative skills. Every destructive spell he casts also builds up the Waaagh! More points built up means more offensive magical abilities. A lot of other careers or classes tend to underestimate the power of the Morkish shaman, and they have had the unfortunate opportunity of meeting fatality because of it. The third mastery path is actually a middle line between the Path of Mork and the Path of Gork. For the player who wishes neither of Mork and Gork specialties, the Path of the Da Green is most fitting. The shaman in this path doesn’t care about enhancing his DPS or increasing his magical abilities so much. He cares more about making sure the Greenskins army wins. Anyone who is not part of their army must be righted and all who are already affiliated with the Greenskins must be made more devoted to the army.

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