Useful Outdoor Power Equipment

Outdoor power equipment are machines used for outdoor types of work. Because of the powerful capability of these equipments, it saves a lot of time doing rigorous tasks and improves the results of such job.

Manufacturers have been releasing a wide variety of models in the market already due to the increasing demand for these outdoor power equipments. The most in demand among this outdoor equipment includes lawnmowers, edger, trimmers, snow blowers, leaf blower, utility vehicles, chain saws, tillers, garden tractors and many other types of equipment.

As the demand increases, leading manufacturers in the power equipment industry continues to develop more advanced technology in order to provide consumers better equipments with more enhanced features and are more environmental friendly.

These outdoor machines save a lot of time because it gets a job done more easily instead of using manual tools. Let us look into the most common outdoor power equipments and learn more on its functions and basic safety operation.


Lawnmowers are machines designed to trim grass and maintain backyards or other similar properties. These equipments consist of sharp rotating blades capable of cutting grass evenly. It produces a finer job compared to just using large cutting tools.

There are different types of lawnmowers. The cordless operates on batteries. It saves a lot on fuel and does not emit any smoke. The riding mowers are among the most expensive types of mowers. It is a small vehicle in which the user rides on the machine and maneuvers it on the area to be mowed. This mower is a fuel operated machine. There are blades underneath that cut the grass while the vehicle moves.

The hover mowers are operated by pushing it towards the area of thick grass. It has a handle attached to the body used by the user to hover the machine.

Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers are designed to clean up twigs, leaves and debris away from walkways, backyards and garages. This equipment produces a powerful force of air through its nozzle and blows the dirt. Some types of leaf blowers come with a built in vacuum and shredder. Most leaf blowers are powered using a two stroke engine or electric motor.

Latest models make use of four stroke engines due to the increasing concern on air pollution. There are two types of leaf blowers; the handheld and the backpack types.

Garden Tractors

Garden tractors are more versatile because it is capable of gathering and cutting large areas of mulching grass. It also includes a lawn sweeper and detachers. The most common engines used for this outdoor power equipment is 11 to 26 horsepower.

Garden tractors can be used for areas as large as 5 acres, and are made with heavy duty engine. It is also ideal equipment good for digging, snow removal and can even be used to haul heavy materials. Some of the models even include parking breaks and headlights.

Snow Blowers

Snow blowers or also called snow throwers. They are outdoor power equipments primarily used in removing piles of snow from areas like runways, sidewalks, driveways and other areas. This type of equipment can be fuel or electric powered. These equipments come in variety of sizes and capability.

Snow blowers get the job done much easier as compared to manually shoveling off heaps of snow.

Chain Saws

Chain saws are used in place of manual saws for cutting logs or pieces of wood. The motor is run on gas, electric or batteries.

These powerful machines are equipped with safety measures to make sure that its operation is safe. To further prevent accidents, always exercise the proper precautionary measures when dealing these equipments.

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