What is an RGB Cable?

If you have ever worked around home entertainment elements, or tried to set one up at home, you may have come across the term RGB cable, and you may not be sure what this means. These cables are different than your normal AV cables, since they only transmit a visual signal, no sound.

These are used in a lot of different home theater set ups. They will generally be used to transmit the video signal from one device to another. Like a DVD player to a TV. These are used more when you have a more complicated home entertainment set up, for example, if you use things like a computer, DVR, or a video game console.

The reason that this cable is called RGB is because of the colors it uses, Red, Green and Blue. It mixes these three colors to make all of the colors needed in your video.

These cables can usually support HDTV resolutions up to 1080i. They change the signal which comes out and translates it into horizontal and vertical signals which tell the monitor what to show.

These cables come with two different types of connectors, BNC and RCA. RCA connectors will look familiar to you, as they are common on home theater items and consumer electronics. BNC connectors are used mostly for commercial applications and are abut more secure and hearty than RCA..

You can find these cables online, or in many home entertainment accessory stores, like Radioshack or Best buy. By shopping around, you can save a lot of money.

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