What Makes a Man Fall Deeply in Love With a Woman? Here Are the Things Which Trigger It

A great mystery about men to many women is what makes them fall madly in love with certain women? Every relationship is different, but these 7 tips might provide some insight into the kinds of things that make a man fall deeply in love with a woman.

Alone Time

Men fall deeply in love with a woman who does not mind spending time alone. Time to yourself allows you to reflect, think, and grow as a person. Being comfortable in your own zone makes you more comfortable in his.


Men love genuinely sincere women. When you assist an elderly woman while shopping, you are doing it because you want to, not because you have to. When you pay others compliments, including him, they know you really mean it. Sincerity is a wonderful trait, and men adore it.

Will My Mom Like Her

Most all men want to fall in love with a girl their mother will like. This does not mean you must change into someone else. Consider, though, that his mother will like a girl who’s respectable and not some floozy that looks like she just got off the street corner’s evening shift. Have the right answers ready to common questions.

Defends Her Ideals

Men love a woman who stands behind her ideals, even if the majority disagrees. This is not the same as being unable to admit when she’s wrong. If she believes in a cause and its contributing worth to the world, she is willing to defend it. A woman who defends her ideals is the same type of woman who will stand behind her man, no matter what.

Happy and Well Adjusted

Men fall deeply in love with happy and well adjusted women. They do not want to spend time around a depressed, complaining, whining sad sack who can never be happy about anything. A well adjusted and happy woman is one who has got it together, and guys dig that in a woman.

A Better Man

Men adore women who make them want to be a better man. It gives them an incredible feeling about themselves. Suddenly they want to do things for her, and it feels great because she is so receptive to all the attention he gives her. When guys get “better man vibes” from a woman, they just cannot get enough of her.

Sense of Adventure

Men love women with a sense of adventure. If he wants to go camping, she says okay. She does not whine about bugs, animals, and not being able to eat sushi at the fancy Japanese restaurant. She is thrilled to be alone in the wilderness with him, roughing it and enjoying soft warm kisses by the firelight under the stars. Isn’t that romantic?

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