What Wizard Magazine Entails

The wizard magazine is an information magazine, where you go if you are interested in knowing how much certain comics cost. The Magazine features all kinds of comics and cartoon characters you might be interested in such as the DC comic collections as well as the Marvel comic collection, and not forgetting the Japanese made comic collections which are known as Anime and Manga series.

The wizard provides you with all the information a normal store does, only difference is that the magazine is also online and provides more than just pricing, it also gives you a full history on the comic you may want as well as electronic price listings. The magazine is part of the Wizard Entertainment group which prints the magazine on a monthly basis as well as tells you how to get valuable or collector able comics and also gives you the latest news on what new releases are out or when they will be coming out.

Created in 1991 by Gareb Shamus, the Wizard magazine has gone on from being just a newsletter that told people what was the best buy in Garebs parent’s comic store to becoming the most sought after magazine to give you the top ten list of what comics to buy, where you can get them, top writers as well as now it also includes more than comic but also novels and much more. If you are looking for a magazine that will deliver not only in being reasonable cheap for someone to buy but also in giving you the right pricing, righteous buys and of course the right place to find those collector comics and their pricing then the Wizard magazine is just what you need.

Source by Peter Gitundu

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