Where Are You on the Wellness Scale? A Quiz

Where are you on the wellness scale? Here is a quick quiz that I think you will find enlightening.

The statements below are about practices that directly boost your health and well being. Circle the ones that you are already doing, and give yourself one point for every statement you answer yes to. Then add up your score and see how healthy your lifestyle really is!


1.                  I exercise for one hour every day. (Give yourself two points if you have a personal trainer)

2.                  I restrict my coffee intake to one cup a day

3.                  I eat three pieces of fruit per day. (Give yourself two points if they are organic)

4.                  I enjoy five serves of vegetables every day. (Two points for you if they are organic)

5.                  I eat seafood at least four times a week.

6.                  I eat legumes in some form almost every day. (Legumes are beans like baked beans, chick peas, lentils etc)

7.                  I moderate my alcohol intake to an average of one glass a day, and in small quantities at a time (i.e not binge drinking seven glasses at one sitting!)

8.                  My holidays are planned so that I can take regular time out away from my usual routine.

9.                  I meditate, do tai chi, or undertake some form of spiritual exercise every day.

10.               I visit my health practitioner regularly to keep my health in peak condition.

11.               I get about eight hours of good sleep every night and wake refreshed.

12.               My weight is within the healthy range for my height.

13.                I regularly learn new skills to keep my mind active.

14.               I have a period of unstructured relaxation time every week.


Now, add up your score:


12 points or more: Well done! You are most likely already in great health and doing better than most people in your age group. You are the sort of person who focuses on preventative health and maximising your well being.


5 to 11 points: You might want to consider taking more steps to improve your health to prevent any long term degeneration in your health. You could enlist the support of appropriate health practitioners to address specific issues.


0 to 4 points: Take a look at some of the responses where you said no. If you want to feel better than you presently do, you could incorporate some new health practices into your life. You have probably been forced to read this column by a loved one who is concerned about your well being!


This quiz is general of course, but might help you gain some insight into where the gaps are between how you are feeling now and how healthy you would really like to feel.

Source by Olwen Anderson

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