Why Is There So Much NEGATIVE News?

We are experiencing a period of time, when people, seem to be, either, compulsive, news – junkies, fixated on watching stations which only report current events, which support their personal/ political agenda, or, avoiding any reporting, altogether! This may be, at least, to some degree, because, there is so much NEGATIVE information, reported, and, many of us, undergo, constant, undesirable anxiety, stress, and angst, because of world affairs. It seems, we’ve never seen so much more negative than positive information, before, but, while there has always been some, the degree and severity of what’s occurring in our nation, and the world, has never been, so extreme! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the key considerations.

1. Nervous; needs: Many polls indicate, much of the popular is, uncomfortably, nervous, about the potential impacts and ramifications, of these events. When issues, come so close, to negatively, impacting, our needs, our attitudes and attention, becomes distracted (and, not, in a good way)!

2. Energy: When we are constantly bombarded, with matters, which sap our energy, many people, begin their days, in a bad mood, and don’t look forward to the possibilities, and opportunities, which may present themselves!

3. Gravity: Consider the potential gravity of what might occur, because of the short – sighted policies and priorities, of our public officials! It shouldn’t be surprising, since our failure to address issues, such as Climate Change, and protecting our environment, before it’s too late, risks severe ramifications, for the sustainability of our planer! When this is combined, with the many worries, about the world and national economies, job security, and world peace, why wouldn’t there be, so much negative speculation, and anxieties!

4. Attitude; attention; articulate: Only when our public officials, move forward, with a true, can – do, attitude, and are ready, willing, and able to pay keen attention, to the true priorities, and consistently, articulate a corresponding, inspiring, motivating message, will we witness, happier, healthier citizens!

5. Time – consuming; Trump: Whether one supports or opposes him, there can be little doubt, President Trump, performs the duties of his office, in a far different way, than his predecessors! His use of negative rhetoric, blame, complaining, and polarizing our nation, is not only time – consuming, but creates a focus, on what’s wrong, instead of what’s best, and needed!

6. Image; integrity; imagination: When a leader’s emphasis is on his self – image, rather than seeking to pursue, the utmost degree of genuine integrity, we all suffer! The nation, and world, requires leadership, with relevant, sustainable imagination, focused on the best path forward, into the future!

7. Vision; values: Our leaders need a vision, which brings people together, rather than creates adversaries! What has happened to the finest, American values?

8. Enduring; effects/ effective: Shouldn’t leader’s enduring legacy, be, to create the finest long – term effective, in an effective manner?

It’s time for all of us to say, we’ve had enough of this atmosphere of constant negativity! Wake up, America, and demand, better, and more!

Source by Richard Brody

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