Why Should I Hire a Top Wedding Photographer?

If you are reading this article, I will assume that you are getting married, and you are trying to find a Photographer that can fit into your budget. But before I explain to you the reason of “Why You Should Hire a Top Wedding Photographer”, I would like to you to follow my line of thinking for a minute. OK?

Imagine that you just came from your vacation and started downloading all the pictures that you’ve taken there. Maybe you’ve taken 200 or 300 pictures, but when you start looking up close to the pictures on your screen you notice that they are not as great as you thought that they would be. Some are blurred, some over exposed, some are under exposed, some are very flat and some are OK. You might even think; “that is great! I have 20 good pictures from the 200 that I took”, and probably you won’t even print them anyway.

This is the reality of today’s digital photography. Most people don’t print the majority of the pictures that they take, and few people even try to print their pictures on their own home printer (very bad quality).

How does this little story affect you and your decision to select a Top Wedding Photographer?

Almost everybody owns a digital camera today. Some people have even started calling themselves “Photographers”, and your low end photographers will try to give you good deal by charging you just to shoot your wedding and give you a CD with all the pictures from your wedding on it.

If you are really on the budget and your wedding will be a very simple ceremony and small reception, and you just want to be able to have something to remember that day, then maybe; just maybe, this Photographer will be OK for you. But remember about the story on the beginning of this article (you will not like what you going to get at the end).

One more thing! If you are really on the budget and can not afford a good photographer, why are you going to pay for a bad one? On this case, just ask a friend or a family member to take some shots. It is free!

On the other hand, your wedding is the most special day of your life and if you have been planning it for a long time and it is a major investment of your hard earned money, the last thing that you need is a “self claimed photographer” that might not deliver a desired final product.

You don’t want a poor food for your Reception Dinner or a small cake that was made at the grocery store to be your Wedding Cake. Not because they are not good, but because this is about the day that you have been dreaming for a long, long time. This is a “ONCE in a LIFETIME” event and you want everything to be 100% special.

The same should apply to your Wedding Photography. If there was the perfect moment to use the phrase “One picture can tell more than 1,000 words”, this would be it. A Top Wedding Photographer will capture not just the reality of that beautiful day, but this artist will use his/her talent to translate the image into a unique piece of art.

A good Photographer will also edit your pictures to their best quality, enhancing the color, light, composition and sharpness of each picture. If you try to print your pictures without they’ve been properly edited, you might end with average pictures that will not look very good.

Source by Paulo Jordao

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