Why You Need a Greenhouse

Today with all the frequent news stories of product recalls and infection being spread throughout the country by food that is contaminated, what better way to eat healthy than to grow your own food in a greenhouse. You control the environment, what is applied to the growing food and what is not and when you choose to pick it – based on when it is ripe.

Imagine going into your greenhouse and picking tomatoes, lettuce and green onions to make the salad for tonight’s diner. The taste of just picked food is not to be surpassed by anything you buy at the store, even at a farmers’ market.

Today’s structures are attractive and solidly built. You can have heaters to withstand cold, snowy winters and air conditioners, if needed, to relieve the summer heat. But for most of the world, you need neither option as the sun is moderate enough to maintain a good mild environment for your plants.

The most expensive part of the greenhouse is the glazing. The panes can be glass which is heavy and breakable or specialized polycarbonate panels which are very light and nearly unbreakable. The polycarbonates panels are clear and come in standard widths. There are acrylic panels that are light in weight as well, offering high impact panes that are slightly clouded but still allowing about 80% light transmission.

The advantages of having and maintaining your own greenhouse are beyond just good tasting food. Your family’s nutrition intake will jump with the addition of fresh and I mean fresh, home grown foods. You and your family’s health quotient will skyrocket.

The sizes of the greenhouses are as varied as are the shapes that are available to you either in kit form or as a completed contracted job.

You will love working in the greenhouse with flowers as well as vegetables. Having access to year round fresh produce and flowers will lift your spirits as well as your health. So look around your yard or property and find an area where you can build your own greenhouse.

Source by Jamie Doyle

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