Wolverine 35mm Film Scanner – Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many 35mm film scanners available today that can be used to convert your old 35mm photos into digital format. However, many of the high end scanners can cost a thousand dollars or more. Many people would just like to get their old family photos preserved and are not professional photographers looking to buy expensive equipment. The Wolverine F2D 35mm film scanner, which retails for $100-$150, is an economical option that might make a good choice for you. Like just about anything you purchase, this scanner does have its advantages and disadvantages that you will need to consider.

Some of the main advantages of this Wolverine 35mm film scanner are its ease of use and speed with which it converts your film or slides. The scanner is a stand alone unit. You just plug it into a USB port or AC wall unit. There is no need to use software or a computer. You just push a button and the machine automatically stores your digital images onto a SD memory card. You can then look at them on the scanner or transfer them to your computer. The other advantage of course is the price. At $100-$150, this film scanner is much less expensive than many other scanners. So to summarize, the Wolverine F2D is easy to use, fast and inexpensive.

The biggest disadvantage to this scanner is the picture quality. Some users have complained that the images are too dark and that all the original details are not preserved. Many customers have been very satisfied with the quality and say they use Photoshop to do a little touch up, while others are unsatisfied. So if image quality is very important to you, then you might need to consider a more expensive film scanner.

Source by Jeremy Waller

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