Words Tell, But Stories Sell

“Words tell, but stories sell.” Have you ever heard this quote? It’s been around forever, and there is so much truth to this little rhyming sentence.

The most effective content online often contains a story somewhere in the text.

Whether you are writing content for an online site, or just writing your own blog posts, sharing a story is one of the best ways to get people to buy what you are selling.

Story telling began when mankind did. Stories have always been a way to record history and to teach valuable lessons.

Since man lived in caves they have enjoyed sharing personal stories around a shared fire. Science has found that a well told, or written, story will immediately grab the attention of our human brain.

There are websites, including the Harvard Business Review, that show the research that went into proving that good stories change the chemistry in human brains in a very positive way. This just makes readers want to continue reading.

Writing a story that will immediately grab the brain – and attention – of your reader is a sure-fire way of gaining yourself a customer for life.

How To Write Effective Stories

The simplest way to start to write effective stories that grab people’s attention is to write about a current event on your blog.

If your blog is about healthy eating and weight loss, then tie in a story about a celebrity who recently lost a lot of weight and is showing off her new bikini body. Tie her story in with your own thoughts on how healthy eating habits tie in nicely with weight loss.

Your Own Life Experiences

Use your own life to find stories that tie into your content theme. You don’t need to come up with amazing stories; you just need to let your reading audience see you as a ‘real’ person behind the screen.

A story about your dog ruining a party by pulling off a tablecloth, or a funny story about how you messed up one of your best dishes will help you immediately connect with the readers.

You Need a Great Title

After your content is written, you need to come up with a great title. This should be something that jumps out at people, screaming “Check Me Out!”

Make web surfers stop and do just that! Be sure the first sentence in your content hooks your readers: you want them to continue reading the next sentence, and the rest of your content.

Therefore, be sure both your title and opening sentence are strong enough that they give your readers a glimpse of what they can expect to be reading.

Keep Your Stories Relevant

The most important thing to remember is to keep any stories you write relevant to your content. A site about healthy eating and weight loss won’t keep readers if your story is about computer programs and not food.

You’ve spent time creating your website, so be sure whatever personal stories you inject in your blog posts actually work within the content of the overall theme of your site.

Remember, storytelling can do the selling!

Source by Juan A Rademacher

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