Your Fast-Acting Tool For Negative Waves

As someone who leans towards the spiritual side of life, are you picking up on some of the negative vibes that have been going around?

Are you keeping peace in your heart as you go about your day during this interesting time? Before you know it, we get to the point where we look back on it and smile for all we have learned. Yet, right now when we are “in” it, how do we tune back in to our True Selves of happiness and delight if we don’t have 20 minutes to meditate, take a hike or get a massage?

It is important that we get to the heart of the matter. This process can take you there.

This is easy and works for adults and children. It may work for you.

Here is a process that hundreds of 3rd and 4th graders have learned, as well as over a thousand adult professionals. This has helped CEOs, people in management, lawyers, people in the medical professions, teachers, and more. Many people have created more delight in their marriages, relationships with spouses children, family and co-workers with this simple but powerful process. It will help us all get through these interesting times.

NeuroCalm works negative feelings from any situation. It can also help with physical pain.

As you use this over time, you will find that it becomes automatic.

NeuroCalm in 3 easy steps:

For now, bypass the thoughts. Imagine it your mind is like a talk show host that has to say something, and tune it out. As Bob Newhart said in his famous YouTube, “Stop it!” Humor helps here. Sometimes (maybe not you) we take the thoughts that pass through our consciousness too seriously.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. If you are spiritual/religious, connect with your Source. Pretend you are sending light from the Source to the feeling and the situation. See yourself and the situation bathed in light.

  1. Be brave and feel. Notice the feeling in your body. This is between you and that feeling, not the commentary. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable for a short time. You are trading off feeling some discomfort now for the painful effects of ignoring it. Ignoring it makes it fester and grow, affecting your mental/emotional state and your health. Go ahead and feel it, fall into it. You can imagine you are holding a baby or a kitten/puppy and be compassionate with your feelings. Here you are listening to yourself. You may notice that the feeling changes. Follow it as it changes. Sometimes this is all it takes for the feeling to go away.
  2. Ask the magical question. (I know, this sounds odd, humor me here, you will see the results… that’s what matters) Ask the feeling the magical question “What do I need to know to let you go?” Notice the first thing that comes up for you. It may be a thought, an image, it could be a “knowing.” That is your answer. Trust that first response.
  3. Notice. Notice if the feeling is still there. It may be the same, different, or it may have left. If it is still there, repeat the process.

Sometimes these feelings leave quickly and do not return. With some issues in life, the feelings come back. Simply repeat the process.

Do you resonate with this? Try it for three days and see if it makes a difference for you. If so, teach it to others and to children. Imaging growing up knowing that your feelings are your own, and there is a way to peacefully learn from and release them.

To learn more about sending light to a situation, check out Illumination by Michael G. Reccia. You may be surprised at what sending light can do.

Letting go from a spiritual perspective is liberating and healing, and the concept is one of many themes explored, explained and demystified in depth in ‘the Joseph Communications’, a series of books I highly recommend.

Source by Nannette DiMascio

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